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Betty Dodson is a real sex goddess–a sex expert and therapist and educator who has helped thousands of women discover their awesome sexuality. She’s outrageously funny, blunt, pithy, opinionated, and has been around a long time (in the ’70s, she was dubbed the “godmother of masturbation). She’s 85! And looks like she’s in her sixties. And still going strong.

If you’re not familiar with her, you should be. Here’s an easy intro, on AlterNet: The Secret to Long Life According to Betty Dodson: Masturbation, Pot and Raw Garlic. A lot of these AlterNet articles about sex are real crap. This one isn’t. It’s worth a look. (It’s from The Guardian, in England; certainly no mainstream newspaper in the U.S. would write about Dodson and female masturbation).

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

“Her message – keep up a sexual relationship with yourself, you can have first-rate orgasms by yourself; stop doing what you think your partner wants to see in bed – seems more necessary than ever in an age when increasing pornification of our culture is making these ideals harder for women.”

Dodson’s website is priceless. Prepare to spend hours exploring it. Make sure you check out the videos of Dodson with her partner, Carlin Ross. You’ll get the full flavor of the two (which includes a lot of humor).