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So, let’s say your man has done well by you. He’s fondled you, made love to you, held off his orgasm, eaten your pussy, sent you to the moon and back, fucked you so senseless it’s all you can do to pull him in close and murmur in his ear, “Fill me up. Now. Please.” Then he fires a load of hot jism into your pussy and you collapse into a jibbering mass of spent nerves.

I’d say a guy like that deserves a special reward. And not just because he read my blog from a few weeks ago, “Men, the key to great sex? Please your woman.” That’s where I argued that woman are the sexually superior sex, that a woman’s sexual capabilities are virtually limitless and that men should honor that specialness by making sure that their lovemaking is centered exclusively on pleasing their woman.

Arrogant? Maybe. But the ironic pay-off is this: Treating your woman like the sex goddess she is will result in dramatically better sex for the guy.

After I’ve been fucked senseless by a man who cared only about my pleasure, I am grateful. I want to reward that guy. I want to do something memorable–something he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

I’ve got two favorite rewards I’d like to share.

The first is a blow job. Oh, not any blow job. A special blow job. First, some context: I don’t like giving head. I’ve got a small mouth, dicks don’t smell so good, the male member is cumbersome, and, contrary to the impression you get from porn, cum doesn’t taste good. That said, I’m not adverse to giving a little oral just to spice things up. But the men in my life knew (I’m into ladies now) that I just wasn’t a blow job kind of girl.

But after a really memorable fuckfest, something kicks in. I simply must have that thing in my mouth. I want to suck and lick and fondle and cajole that hard dick into delivering me a load. I want to hear that man scream. I want to make him happy.

To make a blow job special, I do this: Just before we go to bed for the night, I drink three tall glasses of water. Yeah, good for the kidneys. But even better for the bladder: three or four hours later it wakes me up, usually in the pre-dawn hours, as my unsuspecting lover sleeps.

After relieving myself and a quick clean up (why I have a compulsion to brush my teeth before a blow job I’ll never know), I slip back into bed. I find that sleeping cock and gently wrap my lips around it. I take it in my mouth and hold it. I wait–usually no longer than twenty seconds, and it starts to grow. That’s when I roll him on his back and begin a slow, slurpy ride on his awakening cock.

Trust me, if you’ve never woken a guy up with a blow job, you will be amazed at the reaction. He swims up to consciousness with this delicious feeling between his legs. Before he’s fully awake, he’s got your head in his hands, his hips are rocking and this guy knows at a deep, deep level that this is going to be a great fucking day. I use my mouth, my lips, my tongue, and both hands. I massage his balls. I get his hard cock soaking wet with my spit (oh, I forgot: bring a towel from the bathroom). I also make sure I’ve got a trimmed fingernail and some lube handy. I’m gonna get all stinky-finger with him and jam his turbo button just before he comes.

I’m a dirty girl.

That’s option one. A side note: If my pussy is sore from our lovemaking, option one is the only option. Option two invariably ends with more penis-in-vagina sex.

Option two also requires a bit more preparation, although it’s not a big deal if you’re into light bondage. Here’s the overview: You are going to tie him up and tease your guy into a froth he’s never experienced by using two powerful senses: sight and smell.

It goes like this: Tell him to take off his clothes (you stay dressed). Order him into the bedroom and tell him to lay down on his back, arms and legs spread. Your demeanor is no-nonsense. You’re not answering questions. Just giving orders. By the time he’s flat on his back, his dick should be hard, throbbing and pointing at the ceiling. What’s she going to do to me?

Using rope or cuffs or whatever you ordered from the internet sex shop or picked up at Home Depot, bind his ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed. No talking. Just do it. Then undress. Couple of options here. You could do a striptease, if you like that kind of thing. Or just casually take your clothes off. Ignore him. Take your time. Men are intensely, insanely visual. You are trying to drive him mad. You will succeed if you don’t rush it.

Now you’re nude. Stand at the foot of the bed and slowly start to touch yourself. This is a show. Run your hands over your arms, your belly, your breasts, your ass. He will be watching intently, his throbbing dick in the foreground, your glorious femininity at the foot of the bed. Ignore him. If he speaks, ignore him. Don’t speak to him. Just touch yourself. At some point, start to masturbate. It doesn’t have to be real (that comes later). This is a performance with the goal of getting your guy into a froth. Stick your finger in your mouth. Suck on it. Get it wet. Then slowly take it and put it between your legs. Spread your knees. Spread your labia. Thrust your hips. Make sure he can see everything you’re doing.

When you’re awake down there–pussy lips swollen and separated, vulva moist, it’s feeling good–get on the bed, right next to his head. Straddle him and put your pussy right on his mouth. You can face him or turn around, whatever is easiest. Swirl your cunt in his face. Grind. The goal here is twofold: to get your pussy very, very wet; and to smear his face with your juices and his spit. This is where the olfactory element comes in: With every breath he takes, he’s going to smell your pussy. Get it in his hair. Get it on his ears, his nose, his cheeks. Then go back to his mouth and get licked some more. Spread that wetness around.

Paint his body with your juices. Slide your cunt over his chest, his nipples. His arms. His hands. His thighs. His knees. When you get dry, go back to his mouth and reload. There’s one part of his body you’re not going to touch: his dick. Ignore it. Yeah, you’ll probably knock into it occasionally with a hand or leg, which is unavoidable. Just don’t touch it, don’t kiss it, don’t make it wet.

You’re still not talking. He may be begging you for relief. Ignore him. His dick will be throbbing and he’s going to feel like he’s going to explode. But he won’t. Stick to the plan. Keep smearing him with your juices as he watches your glorious nude body slide over his.

After about a half hour–longer really would be cruel–masturbate again. But this time for real. For humanitarian reasons, I suggest a vibrator. It’ll be faster. Straddle his chest, his face inches from your pussy, and go to work on your clit. This  is  fiendish torture for men. Good. That’s the point. He’ll thank you later. Profusely. Vocalize. Scream. Make him watch the opening of your vagina pulse with your waves of pleasure as you come.

After your finished coming, get off him and put away your gear. Make sure the room is clear of any heirlooms or valuables that could be broken in a sexual frenzy. You have two options now. First: mount him cowgirl style and fuck his brains out. He will probably explode quickly. If he’s a real ass man, do it reverse cowgirl. This is the merciful part of his ordeal. The pressure gets relieved.

The second option is to release him. Careful! Start with his ankles. Make sure that after unbinding his second wrist that you’ve got a clear path away from the bed. Release and step back quickly. The goal is to make him come off the bed after you. You don’t have to run out of the room (that could be fun, but, really, let’s not get carried away.) Just back away from the bed. He’ll spring up after you. What happens next? Depends. One thing is for sure: You’ve unleashed an overly aroused, testosterone-crazed male. He won’t want to hurt you, but he probably will. You just unleashed a caged beast.

Hang on.

He might spin you around, push your head down to the floor and start fucking you from behind. He’ll hold your hips in a death-grip as he plunges deep in your hole, your arms flailing. He may push you on to a piece of furniture, a dresser or table, knocking everything off with a shove of his arm and start fucking you face-to-face, your legs wrapped around his waist, your head back, him between your legs. He may push you against a wall, hike you up by the waist and lower you on to his dick. He’ll slam you into the wall, fucking like a banshee, while you scream and crush him in your arms.

One guy grabbed me, pulled me back to the bed, and dragged me across his lap, his engorged cock pushing against my stomach, as he wailed on my ass with his open hand. Then he slipped an arm beneath a knee and opened me wide, splayed to him as I screamed and hollered as he spanked my asshole and pussy with his open hand. Next, he threw me on the bed, his tongue thrust down my throat as he plunged his cock between my legs. I had  to reach down and guide his thrusting cock to my pussy. He fucked me furiously, pounding me into the mattress.

Damage? Hell, yes. My ass was red and streaked with welts, my throat and cheeks were scraped by his beard, my thighs were bruised and my pussy was so sore I couldn’t fuck for a day. For the first couple hours, it even hurt to pee. I had bite marks on my neck and shoulder. The brute.

Worth it? It was the most memorable fuck of my life. He never forgot it either.

How do you reward your lover when he/she has been good?