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AlterNet recently posted an article about female sexuality. Being a sucker for lists (most people are), I couldn’t resist reading the 9 Coolest Things About Female Sexuality. Personally, I’d say nine is low-balling it–yes, as an over-sexed female I’m prejudiced–but I found some interesting things in the piece. Like number three, which I definitely would’ve made number one: multiple orgasms. Here’s a pull-out quote from Masters and Johnson: “As contrasted with the male’s usual inability to have more than one orgasm in a short period, many females, especially when clitorally stimulated, can regularly have five or six full orgasms within a matter of minutes.”

I’ll vouch for that (can you say “Hitachi Magic Wand”?). Personally, I can have multiple orgasms vaginally, too. (Sorry to brag, but I’m sure I’m not alone.) Then there’s this reassuring (and re-confirming) quote from M & J: “The supply of blood and edema fluid to the pelvis is inexhaustible. Consequently … the more orgasms a woman has, the more she can have. To all intents and purposes, the human female is sexually insatiable in the presence of the highest degrees of sexual satisfaction.”

See? Practice makes perfect. All that masturbation (starting around age nine for me) pays off. Further down, number five, is the clitoris. Did you know that the clit is the only human organ designed exclusively for pleasure? And that it’s not this tiny little button, but a much larger structure that extends deep below the vulva and rivals the size of a penis? Explains a lot. And since the clit has twice as many nerve endings as a dick, well, you do the math.

Number eight is cute: No messy clean up after masturbation. True, compared to a guy spewing a wad of jism four feet into the wall (and sometimes my hair, ugh). I’d still lay that curvy ass on a towel, ladies. Things can get quite sodden down there when the jillin’ gets hot.

Number nine is breasts. What can you say? They’re wonderful. Artistically, they represent human beauty at its highest. No, I’ve never had an orgasm from breast and/or nipple stimulation, but some women can, the article says. That’s nice, but I’m not jealous. My tits are major foreplay playgrounds, both for myself and for my lovers. And I love holding, stroking and licking another woman’s breasts.

Like I said, I wouldn’t have stopped at nine. Ass, anyone? Labia? Nape of neck? Lady lips (the ones on the mouth)? And, not to be gross, the anus is filled with nerve endings, too. At the very least, think of it as a turbo button when you’re stimulating a lady friend between her legs. Make sure she’s really worked up and there’s lots of juice to lubricate her hole. Time it right and she’ll hit the moon.

Did I miss anything? What would you add to the list?