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Fellow WordPress blogger Sensual Little Nymph put up a bucket list of all the sexual things she’s done and (even more interesting) what she’d like to do. The Nymph, according to her blog, got off to a slow start, sexually speaking, since she was raised American in this fucked-up culture that condemns sex (unless it can be used to sell something). But she’s working hard at catching up.

It’s a nice list. Some of things the Nymph would like to explore include some items right down my alley: make out with a girl, eat out a girl and get eaten out by a girl. Nice things for a happily married hetero woman to have on her list, I’d say. I’d appreciate any opportunities to help out with her fantasies! Pretty sure we could knock off those three in an evening. As well as a couple more I can think of (dildos come to mind, for starters; I guess that would be “get fucked by a girl”).

Check out her blog and let me know what saucy items you’d add. I’ll be working on mine and will get back at you soon.