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My all time fav is doggy style (not surprising, huh?). Love the deep penetration. I just feel possessed with a cock penetrating me while I’m down on my elbows, my ass thrust out in the air, totally exposed and vulnerable. It’s a delicious feeling. And, of course, about as deep as it gets.

If my guy can get his act together, he’ll reach around and rub my clit (yes, the classic reach-around). Or I can reach back and get myself off by masturbating while we fuck. It’s not usually required, though. I can come just from penetration, his cock jamming against my G-spot, especially in this position.

(So, the question is: Is that me in the photo, fucking near an overlook off Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park? I’m not saying. If it was me, though, I’d have to say I don’t remember that guy’s name. It was high school and I’ve had a lot of guys. I was “popular.”)

A close second sex position (and maybe a third, with a variation) is cowgirl, me riding my man on top, facing him. It puts me in total control. He can thrust hard and I just ride up with him. “Down, boy!” Sometimes I think of it as giving him a slow hand job with my pussy–I ride up his cock squeezing him with the walls of my vagina, then relax them as I slide down his shaft. Up and down, nice and slow. I also play with my boobs, more for him than me, because I just love torturing him (and making him harder, of course!). Sometimes I lean forward and put a boob to his mouth so he can suck and tongue my nipple. Great fun!

Reverse cowgirl is a nice variation, mainly because I know the view he’s getting of my ass drives him crazy. I can feel him get harder when we fuck that way. It’s a nice option if he’s having trouble staying hard. Men are so visual. Girls, ya got to take advantage of it. I like the feeling, too. It’s different the way his cock slides in my vagina because of his curve. Feels tighter, different.

Can’t leave the topic of sex positions without mentioning kitchen sex. We’ve got wide granite counters and he loves to take me, splayed on my back with my pussy right on the edge, my legs spread wide, while he stands in front of me. (I need to add that I really, really, really like this position too! He penetrates me nearly as deep as doggie style.) It’s animalistic the way he goes wild thrusting into me. He tells me he can feel his balls bouncing and slapping into my ass as he pounds away, a major turn-on. I wrap my legs around his waist, otherwise I’d go scooting across the counter (in part because of his wild pounding and because I get really wet, and my juices dribble down to the granite and my ass slides). Holy crap, I’m getting wet just writing this! Where is that guy? Okay, enough for now.

Let me know about your favorite sex positions. Or, to put it more graphically, how you like to fuck. Nothing wrong with that, right?